Best diving accessories to have 2018

Whether you are a beginner or a pro diver there are some essential diving accessories that you must have today to make the experience worthwhile. The accessory an individual will require while diving depends on the purpose of diving or the main reason for diving. Some individuals will require more accessories while some will require very few.

Mouldable Mouthpiece

While scuba diving comfort is a very essential key and one that every diver aims to accomplish. The mouldable mouthpiece is one accessory that helps the diver in accomplishing some level of comfort. The diving experience is extremely different when using the mouldable mouthpiece and when it is absent. The mouthpiece is considered a must have accessory by all divers. The mouthpiece can be attached to the regulator and can be easily adjusted. The mouldable mouthpiece rests perfectly and firmly on the mouth eliminating the need to check on the regulator every now and then. The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable so the diver does not have to endure aching jaws or lips that are sore after the dive. The most popular brands in the market for making the best mouldable mouthpieces are DGX and SeaCure.

Flexible Hoses

The flexible hoses come in a variety of colours. They are durable hence long lasting and flexible enough to give the diver the freedom of not having to constantly check the regulator as is makes it feel like you do not have it on. The flexible hoses makes the diver feel more like a fish while under water.

Spring Fin Straps

The spring fin straps are used alternatively instead of the initial straps on your fins. The spring fin straps accessories are essential in making life on the dive boat more simplified and easy. With the spring dive fins straps in place a diver does not need to have a hard time trying to adjust the straps on the fins every time before diving. The spring fin straps allow the diver to remove the fins with just a single tug at the spring strap and they are over your heel ready to dive into the water. For individuals who have not yet purchased or want to purchase a new pair of fins it is advisable to purchase those that already have a spring fin strap in place.


When deep under water the diver does not have to come up the surface in order to get the position or direction of boat as they can do so by the use of a compass that can be trusted. There are two types of compasses available, the digital version that has a GPS map in it and the analogue version. If the diver knows how to properly use either of them they will easily find their way.