Best diving gear for cold water environments

Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife

The Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife has a textured surface in addition to the thumb gloves that have been machined which make the task of holding it with or without gloves very easy. Majority of the dive knives in the market are very hard to grip especially when under water with the gloved hands. When the hands are gloved they become the size of a bratwurst. The Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife has been created in such a way that the texture is scaly which gives it a steady grip when held with bare or gloved hands. The material used in constructing the knife is Spyderco H1 steel which is rust resistant even in salty water. The blade of the knife is highly serrated which allows it to cut even thick nylon lines with just a single pass. The average price of this knife is about a hundred and eighty dollars.

Hollis Neotek 8/7/6 Semidry Wetsuit

This semidry wetsuit has been resiliently constructed then sealed to make certain that the user stay warm during the entire dive. The design of this suit has been specifically made to ensure that the temperature does not drop significantly and that it fits perfectly on the wearer. The suit has a textured lining feature which is responsible for ensuring that there is no movement of water inside the suit. The thick pad feature positioned at the back of the suit helps to keep the cold water away from the spine. There is an internal water dam located inside the horizontal chest zipper which pulls over the head starting at the front before the hood can be pulled out from the back. some slight tugging needs to be done in order for it to be put in place. This feature is essential in making sure the diver stays warm.  The suit has been sewn resiliently with seams that are blind stitched then sealed. This suit is available in nine varying sizes. The average cost of this suit is about four hundred and fifty dollars.

 Fourth Element Cyclone Jacket

This jacket has added features that allow it to be water resistant and breathable. It is easily compressed to facilitate east transportation while travelling. It is ideal for divers in extremely cold regions. The jacket has been constructed using three layers of material which makes it breathable, water resistant and durable even under extremely harsh weather conditions. The outer layer is tough and protects the jacket from abrasion and wear. The centre layer makes it resistant to water as well as wind. The inner layer provides an insulation while at the same time facilitating escape of moisture.