Best golf courses in Medellin

Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and when we hear the word “Golf” it is not very common in Colombia. But it is a sport that is gaining popularity in the country.

There are around 50 golf courses in Colombia and some of them are specially designed by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player who are among the most famous players of the golf.

According to the tradition, sport like golf has been the field of the wealthy people and access to golf has required expensive memberships of the private country clubs.

Medellin being the second largest city in Colombia has an ideal weather for the game like golf. It also has equal number of the hours of daylight whole year making the city ideal for golf.

Best golf courses in Medellin are:

  • Club El Rodeo
  • Club Campestre Golf Course

Club El Rodeo

It is a private club and a membership is required to get in the club. For a single person the cost of the membership is 5 million pesos per year and added is 660 thousand pesos monthly as a maintenance fee for a single person. If you need the membership for the family then it would cost 5 million pesos and 826 thousand pesos as per April 2015. Club El Rodeo is among the best golf courses in Medellin.

There is an exception for the tourists to play a round of Golf, if:

  • They are staying at a five star hotel that is allied with the club for instance, Medellin Royal Hotel.
  • A tourist staying in Medellin for a short time can get a membership for up to two months in 2 million pesos.

Club Campestre Golf Course

It is one of the oldest and best golf courses in Medellin with 9 holes. Numerous national champions have practiced golf at the Club Campestre.

It also has the same rules like Club El Rodeo for the tourists. Club Campestre has the acknowledgement of being one of the complete and modern sports clubs in the country. It also has two of its own hotels.

There aren’t many public golf courses in Medellin or Colombia unlike United States as there is not a huge craze for the game right now, but this is beginning to change as golf is dramatically being promoted to the general public. As they are trying to attract tourists towards golf as well as locals and are up for some serious business in Medellin.