Best life jackets for Kayaking 2018

Life jackets are essential gear for all individuals participating in water activities whether it is boating, paddling, swimming, sailing, kayaking or fishing. The best kayak life jacketsĀ  in 2018 are the ones that you can comfortably wear while still enjoying your favorite sport. Individuals will always come with very good excuses in order for them not to wear the life jackets which is very risky. Recent surveys have shown that more than eighty three percent of deaths that occur in water are all involving individuals who were not wearing life jackets.

Importance of wearing a life jacket

Your life may depend on you having that life jacket on so as much as it is not stylish or the weather is extremely hot put on the life jacket. You do not want to be among the eighty three percent that loses their lives because they failed to wear a life jacket. Nothing is as disappointing as losing something because of something that you could have avoided or prevented. Many individuals tend to think that life jackets are uncomfortable but on the contrary the best life jackets are extremely comfortable. Today the life jacket manufacturers are designing them with your intended function or sport in mind. there are diverse life jackets to be worn for various sports like fishing or kayaking. Each sport has various life jacket designs that are specifically made to ensure that the wearers are comfortable while indulging in the sport. The life jackets are also made in a manner that perfectly fits your body as well as the active lifestyle. The life jackets ideal for kayaking are different from the best life jacket used in kayaking fishing.

Best Kayak Life Vests

Kayaking involves rowing and sitting for prolonged durations of time. The best life jacket for kayaking in 2018 should be able to facilitate the performance of these two main tasks while at the same ensuring the comfort of the wearer is guaranteed. The ideal life jackets that should be used for kayaking have arm slots that are very large with the wrists being smaller but not to an extent that they do not allow for easy movements while paddling. The life jacket needs to be buoyant enough to save your life in case it is unavoidable or something comes up. The jacket should also not be very bulky to the extent that it interferes with the comfort of the wearer while they are seated which they will be for a long duration. The Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest is one the popular brand used by many individuals.