Best squash clubs in Brisbane


Squash is not one of the most liked sports in the world but a lot of world class players of squash have lift the game a lot. Australia is a sports loving and promoting country and is making a lot of efforts to promote squash in the country. This is why you will find squash courts all over Australia.

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Squash in Australia

Squash is played in Australia a lot and seven former world’s number one squash players are from Australia. There are many high ranked players of the squash from Australia at the moment as well.

Australia has national men’s and women’s team of squash and organizes a lot of competition domestically and plays internationally as well.

Squash in Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city in Australia that is one of the best tourist points in the country. Squash is being promoted in Brisbane for the locals and tourists as it is a sport full of fun and energy. Near Brisbane there are around 16 squash clubs.

Brisbane is not a stranger to squash as it is loved by the people and is played in Brisbane. There are several clubs known to have best squash courts in Brisbane.

Best squash clubs in Brisbane

The following are the best squash clubs in Brisbane:

The Stafford Squash Centre was built in 1971 and is one of the oldest and best squash clubs in Brisbane. It has had a remarkable journey as it has one of the hardest working members and committee. Some of the earliest members are still associated with the club.

  • Carseldine Squash Club

Carseldine Squash Club offers big eight squash courts to its members. Access to it is very easy through membership offers for students, corporate members or tourists etc.

  • Wavell Nundah Squash Courts

It is one of the best squash clubs in Brisbane that allows its members and guests to get entertained and play squash at its fullest with its exciting courts.

  • Acacia Ridge Courts

Acacia Ridge courts have 11 squash courts in total which makes it the biggest squash club in Brisbane. It has got 2 glass back and 9 hard back courts. To make a regular booking you can contact them and they reserve in hour and half hour intervals. Squash in Brisbane has seen some downfall in recent years but now it is coming back on the track.