Best wetsuits for diving 2018

There are many wetsuits that can be used for diving from different popular brands which makes the process of selecting the best wetsuits for diving today very difficult. Every type of wetsuit is ideal for various diving purposes. For instance when it comes to scuba diving the wetsuit needs to be able to provide the diver with warmth while they are under water, protect them from harm by cuts, stings, scrapes and the sun. therefore purchasing a wetsuit is an investment on a diver’s safety and comfort. Purchasing your own wetsuit might be a bit costly but it will pay off since the diver does not have to tolerate the unsanitary conditions of the rented wetsuits. Under water adventures never become dull so you might find yourself indulging in them every now and then. It is therefore essential to find a wetsuit that is durable and long lasting to cater for your constant under water adventures. The wetsuits designs and styles that are in the market are overwhelming so it is impossible not to find something that you love.

Scubapro Everflex

This model of wetsuit is also referred to as the maximum comfort wetsuit. The scubapro Everflex wetsuit has been specifically designed to naturally fit with the body template which makes it extremely comfortable, flexible and stretchy. The zipper is diagonally placed at the back running from the right shoulder to the left hip. This type of zipper is by far more comfortable that the traditional zipper which runs down the spine. The zipper designs makes it very easy to put the wetsuit on and off. Any diver in search of a wetsuit that fits perfectly should consider the Everflex as their first choice.

Xcel Thermoflex

This wetsuit has been designed purposely to provide the diver with durability. The suit is partly dry which makes it tough and long lasting. The materials used in constructing it is nylon II neoprene which is high quality and resistant to being compressed. The seams in the suit have been perfectly blind stitched and quadruple glued. The zip on it is very different from the conventional zippers since it is a S-lock zipper located at the back. the design of the zipper allows it to keep out larger volumes of water as compared to the other types of zippers. For enhanced water resistant and warmth the wetsuit has been designed with wrist seals that are dry-lock and seamless.