Can I get rid of bunions?

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In Africa bunions are seen as something that comes along and that no one has the power to change it. In that case, most of the people in this continent may not do much to correct it if at all they realize such abnormalities in the first place. According to researchers, bunions are thought to be caused by unequal distribution of body weight on the feet. In other words, you toe might be holding unnecessary weight which will eventually cause the growth of bunions as the bones will grow just to compensate for the excess weight created.

Can bunions be removed?

Bunions can be removed depending on whether they are causing serious health issue. In some case, bunions may bar movements and may deter one from wearing a certain type of shoe. However, if you feel like your bunion affect nothing as far as you normal functioning is concerned, then there is no need to remove it. Models may want to remove them surgically or by any other method just because they want a good shaped foot that will fit into any fashionable shoe. On the other hand, finances is also another factor which will determine if you will remove the bunion or not. If you are feel like you have enough resource to pay for minor surgeries, the well and good.

Simply changing shoes

One of the simplest way of getting rid of bunions is basically trying to restore the previous condition of your foot. In order to restore the previous condition, you will need to wear those shoes which ensured that your body weight were spread equally on your feet. For instance, if you were used to wearing soft, flat and comfortable shoes before, then you might want to go back to your old school just to see the bunions go away.

Foot massages and exercises

Feet therapies are also the best if you are thinking of doing away with bunions. This is the simplest way of doing away with them because you can even do it on your own at home. Foot massage is basically moving your palms over the surface where the bunion has developed. This involved pressing against the bunion gently as if you are trying to push it back to its original place. It will take sometimes for these remedies to work but all in all patients is required especially when bunions have developed over a very long period of time.