Best golf courses in Medellin

Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and when we hear the word “Golf” it is not very common in Colombia. But it is a sport that is gaining popularity in the country. There are around 50 golf courses in Colombia and some of them are specially designed by Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player who are among the most famous players of the golf. According to the tradition, sport like golf has been the field of the wealthy people and access to golf has required expensive memberships of the private country clubs.

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Medellin being the second largest city in Colombia has an ideal weather for the game like golf. It also has equal number of the hours of daylight whole year making the city ideal for golf.

Best golf courses in Medellin are:

  • Club El Rodeo
  • Club Campestre Golf Course

Club El Rodeo

It is a private club and a membership is required to get in the club. For a single person the cost of the membership is 5 million pesos per year and added is 660 thousand pesos monthly as a maintenance fee for a single person. If you need the membership for the family then it would cost 5 million pesos and 826 thousand pesos as per April 2015. Club El Rodeo is among the best golf courses in Medellin.

There is an exception for the tourists to play a round of Golf, if:

  • They are staying at a five star hotel that is allied with the club for instance, Medellin Royal Hotel.
  • A tourist staying in Medellin for a short time can get a membership for up to two months in 2 million pesos.

Club Campestre Golf Course

It is one of the oldest and best golf courses in Medellin with 9 holes. Numerous national champions have practiced golf at the Club Campestre.

It also has the same rules like Club El Rodeo for the tourists. Club Campestre has the acknowledgement of being one of the complete and modern sports clubs in the country. It also has two of its own hotels.

There aren’t many public golf courses in Medellin or Colombia unlike United States as there is not a huge craze for the game right now, but this is beginning to change as golf is dramatically being promoted to the general public. As they are trying to attract tourists towards golf as well as locals and are up for some serious business in Medellin.

Best diving accessories to have 2018

Whether you are a beginner or a pro diver there are some essential diving accessories that you must have today to make the experience worthwhile. The accessory an individual will require while diving depends on the purpose of diving or the main reason for diving. Some individuals will require more accessories while some will require very few.

Mouldable Mouthpiece

While scuba diving comfort is a very essential key and one that every diver aims to accomplish. The mouldable mouthpiece is one accessory that helps the diver in accomplishing some level of comfort. The diving experience is extremely different when using the mouldable mouthpiece and when it is absent. The mouthpiece is considered a must have accessory by all divers. The mouthpiece can be attached to the regulator and can be easily adjusted. The mouldable mouthpiece rests perfectly and firmly on the mouth eliminating the need to check on the regulator every now and then. The mouthpiece is extremely comfortable so the diver does not have to endure aching jaws or lips that are sore after the dive. The most popular brands in the market for making the best mouldable mouthpieces are DGX and SeaCure.

Flexible Hoses

The flexible hoses come in a variety of colours. They are durable hence long lasting and flexible enough to give the diver the freedom of not having to constantly check the regulator as is makes it feel like you do not have it on. The flexible hoses makes the diver feel more like a fish while under water.

Spring Fin Straps

The spring fin straps are used alternatively instead of the initial straps on your fins. The spring fin straps accessories are essential in making life on the dive boat more simplified and easy. With the spring dive fins straps in place a diver does not need to have a hard time trying to adjust the straps on the fins every time before diving. The spring fin straps allow the diver to remove the fins with just a single tug at the spring strap and they are over your heel ready to dive into the water. For individuals who have not yet purchased or want to purchase a new pair of fins it is advisable to purchase those that already have a spring fin strap in place.


When deep under water the diver does not have to come up the surface in order to get the position or direction of boat as they can do so by the use of a compass that can be trusted. There are two types of compasses available, the digital version that has a GPS map in it and the analogue version. If the diver knows how to properly use either of them they will easily find their way.

Best squash clubs in Brisbane


Squash is not one of the most liked sports in the world but a lot of world class players of squash have lift the game a lot. Australia is a sports loving and promoting country and is making a lot of efforts to promote squash in the country. This is why you will find squash courts all over Australia.

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Squash in Australia

Squash is played in Australia a lot and seven former world’s number one squash players are from Australia. There are many high ranked players of the squash from Australia at the moment as well.

Australia has national men’s and women’s team of squash and organizes a lot of competition domestically and plays internationally as well.

Squash in Brisbane

Brisbane is a beautiful city in Australia that is one of the best tourist points in the country. Squash is being promoted in Brisbane for the locals and tourists as it is a sport full of fun and energy. Near Brisbane there are around 16 squash clubs.

Brisbane is not a stranger to squash as it is loved by the people and is played in Brisbane. There are several clubs known to have best squash courts in Brisbane.

Best squash clubs in Brisbane

The following are the best squash clubs in Brisbane:

The Stafford Squash Centre was built in 1971 and is one of the oldest and best squash clubs in Brisbane. It has had a remarkable journey as it has one of the hardest working members and committee. Some of the earliest members are still associated with the club.

  • Carseldine Squash Club

Carseldine Squash Club offers big eight squash courts to its members. Access to it is very easy through membership offers for students, corporate members or tourists etc.

  • Wavell Nundah Squash Courts

It is one of the best squash clubs in Brisbane that allows its members and guests to get entertained and play squash at its fullest with its exciting courts.

  • Acacia Ridge Courts

Acacia Ridge courts have 11 squash courts in total which makes it the biggest squash club in Brisbane. It has got 2 glass back and 9 hard back courts. To make a regular booking you can contact them and they reserve in hour and half hour intervals. Squash in Brisbane has seen some downfall in recent years but now it is coming back on the track.

Best life jackets for Kayaking 2018

Life jackets are essential gear for all individuals participating in water activities whether it is boating, paddling, swimming, sailing, kayaking or fishing. The best kayak life jackets  in 2018 are the ones that you can comfortably wear while still enjoying your favorite sport. Individuals will always come with very good excuses in order for them not to wear the life jackets which is very risky. Recent surveys have shown that more than eighty three percent of deaths that occur in water are all involving individuals who were not wearing life jackets.

Importance of wearing a life jacket

Your life may depend on you having that life jacket on so as much as it is not stylish or the weather is extremely hot put on the life jacket. You do not want to be among the eighty three percent that loses their lives because they failed to wear a life jacket. Nothing is as disappointing as losing something because of something that you could have avoided or prevented. Many individuals tend to think that life jackets are uncomfortable but on the contrary the best life jackets are extremely comfortable. Today the life jacket manufacturers are designing them with your intended function or sport in mind. there are diverse life jackets to be worn for various sports like fishing or kayaking. Each sport has various life jacket designs that are specifically made to ensure that the wearers are comfortable while indulging in the sport. The life jackets are also made in a manner that perfectly fits your body as well as the active lifestyle. The life jackets ideal for kayaking are different from the best life jacket used in kayaking fishing.

Best Kayak Life Vests

Kayaking involves rowing and sitting for prolonged durations of time. The best life jacket for kayaking in 2018 should be able to facilitate the performance of these two main tasks while at the same ensuring the comfort of the wearer is guaranteed. The ideal life jackets that should be used for kayaking have arm slots that are very large with the wrists being smaller but not to an extent that they do not allow for easy movements while paddling. The life jacket needs to be buoyant enough to save your life in case it is unavoidable or something comes up. The jacket should also not be very bulky to the extent that it interferes with the comfort of the wearer while they are seated which they will be for a long duration. The Onyx MoveVent Dynamic Paddle Sports Life Vest is one the popular brand used by many individuals.

Best wetsuits for diving 2018

There are many wetsuits that can be used for diving from different popular brands which makes the process of selecting the best wetsuits for diving today very difficult. Every type of wetsuit is ideal for various diving purposes. For instance when it comes to scuba diving the wetsuit needs to be able to provide the diver with warmth while they are under water, protect them from harm by cuts, stings, scrapes and the sun. therefore purchasing a wetsuit is an investment on a diver’s safety and comfort. Purchasing your own wetsuit might be a bit costly but it will pay off since the diver does not have to tolerate the unsanitary conditions of the rented wetsuits. Under water adventures never become dull so you might find yourself indulging in them every now and then. It is therefore essential to find a wetsuit that is durable and long lasting to cater for your constant under water adventures. The wetsuits designs and styles that are in the market are overwhelming so it is impossible not to find something that you love.

Scubapro Everflex

This model of wetsuit is also referred to as the maximum comfort wetsuit. The scubapro Everflex wetsuit has been specifically designed to naturally fit with the body template which makes it extremely comfortable, flexible and stretchy. The zipper is diagonally placed at the back running from the right shoulder to the left hip. This type of zipper is by far more comfortable that the traditional zipper which runs down the spine. The zipper designs makes it very easy to put the wetsuit on and off. Any diver in search of a wetsuit that fits perfectly should consider the Everflex as their first choice.

Xcel Thermoflex

This wetsuit has been designed purposely to provide the diver with durability. The suit is partly dry which makes it tough and long lasting. The materials used in constructing it is nylon II neoprene which is high quality and resistant to being compressed. The seams in the suit have been perfectly blind stitched and quadruple glued. The zip on it is very different from the conventional zippers since it is a S-lock zipper located at the back. the design of the zipper allows it to keep out larger volumes of water as compared to the other types of zippers. For enhanced water resistant and warmth the wetsuit has been designed with wrist seals that are dry-lock and seamless.

Best diving gear for cold water environments

Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife

The Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife has a textured surface in addition to the thumb gloves that have been machined which make the task of holding it with or without gloves very easy. Majority of the dive knives in the market are very hard to grip especially when under water with the gloved hands. When the hands are gloved they become the size of a bratwurst. The Spyderco Enuff Salt dive knife has been created in such a way that the texture is scaly which gives it a steady grip when held with bare or gloved hands. The material used in constructing the knife is Spyderco H1 steel which is rust resistant even in salty water. The blade of the knife is highly serrated which allows it to cut even thick nylon lines with just a single pass. The average price of this knife is about a hundred and eighty dollars.

Hollis Neotek 8/7/6 Semidry Wetsuit

This semidry wetsuit has been resiliently constructed then sealed to make certain that the user stay warm during the entire dive. The design of this suit has been specifically made to ensure that the temperature does not drop significantly and that it fits perfectly on the wearer. The suit has a textured lining feature which is responsible for ensuring that there is no movement of water inside the suit. The thick pad feature positioned at the back of the suit helps to keep the cold water away from the spine. There is an internal water dam located inside the horizontal chest zipper which pulls over the head starting at the front before the hood can be pulled out from the back. some slight tugging needs to be done in order for it to be put in place. This feature is essential in making sure the diver stays warm.  The suit has been sewn resiliently with seams that are blind stitched then sealed. This suit is available in nine varying sizes. The average cost of this suit is about four hundred and fifty dollars.

 Fourth Element Cyclone Jacket

This jacket has added features that allow it to be water resistant and breathable. It is easily compressed to facilitate east transportation while travelling. It is ideal for divers in extremely cold regions. The jacket has been constructed using three layers of material which makes it breathable, water resistant and durable even under extremely harsh weather conditions. The outer layer is tough and protects the jacket from abrasion and wear. The centre layer makes it resistant to water as well as wind. The inner layer provides an insulation while at the same time facilitating escape of moisture.

Best binoculars under $50 – everything you need to know

If you’re looking for the finest binoculars below $50 but also need really good quality, then read on. You don’t need to devote a big amount of cash to find a dependable pair of binoculars.

Top binoculars (under $50) reviews in 2018

Here you’ll discover field glasses that deliver the greatest topographies for the price, whole with images and practical information.

Celestron Outland X: These eyeglasses originate by a 10x intensification whichever is extra and are adequate to see detailed levels such as things on bird wings or additional landscapes from afar.

Bushnell Falcon: They originated through a 12x intensification. Going on to 200 feet with crystal clear vision.

Celestron Cometron: With a big 50mm impartial lense, these may pleat an imposing quantity of bright light but cannot get the real distance you may need.

BARSKA Lucid Interpretation eyeglasses: These will help for close up items, if you are looking to far then tehse binoculars won’t help much at all. However they are very cheap.

Affordability is key to a good purchase:

You really need to look at quality and the brand if you are going to get value for money. If you stick with the brands we listed above then you will be ok, but if you don’t stick with them then you may pay a lot more and for not such a good quality.

Best golf courses in Auckland NZ

New Zealand has the second largest number of golf courses in the world, when it comes to playing golf, particularly in Auckland. There are numerous options in Auckland from parkland to links courses. Below are some of the best golf courses in Auckland.

Titirangi Golf Club

Honoured to be rated as one of New Zealand’s top golfing spots, Titirangi definitely lives up to its name with its world-class golf course. Not simply they must be proud of their great setting and title, they can even brag about the fact that theirs is the only course in the nation planned by Dr. Alister MacKenzie. This well-known, British, golf course designer whose projects are well-known for their thoughtfulness to the nature and surrounds of the courses has also made playing at Titirangi Golf Club dangerous still worthwhile for its players and private members.

Chamberlain Park Golf Park

Whether you are a newbie to the sport or an experienced player, who has a record par hit, Chamberlain provides a course for all talents and levels. With easy rolling, manicured greens and open fairways, you’ll be assured to enjoy your 18 hole game without having the threat of losing your balls. With just a 5 minutes’ drive from the CBD, mind-blowing club house amenities, it’s no wonder that Chamberlain Park Golf Course is very well-liked with the golfing lovers.

Remuera Golf Club

Located in scenic parklands and an amusing woodland setting, Remuera Golf Club is one of Auckland’s best golf courses. Golfers of all levels will find the course rewarding, challenging and loads of fun with its compact fairways and 18-hole par-72 course. Priding themselves on their in-house, club amenities and their approachability towards members, new and old, Remuera Golf Course would certainly be on your golfing radar.

The Dunes Golf Resort

Enclosed by unspoiled, crystal clear waters and sandy white beaches, you’ll have to confine yourself from craving to drop your clubs and dive on in. But, the course at Dunes is quite fabulous in itself. With its sandy base offering an all-climate facility, its daring layout and crazy views, you’d be ridiculous not to book in for a tee off with your friends. Not just can you play the 18-hole tournament course, you can even stroll, horse-ride, feast at the eatery and stay overnight in the room on site.

Howick Golf Club

With just a 35-minute drive from central Auckland, in the charming tiny suburb of Bucklands Beach you’ll locate Howick Golf Club. With loads of the holes located on the peninsula cliff tops, you’ll be pampered with views of the neighbouring Hauraki Gulf islands as well as Rangitoto. Carry your camera as you will wish to seize these amazing sights.

Best golf courses in Perth Australia

If you have very little time and wish to visit the best golf courses in Perth, Australia below is a quick guide.  The below golf courses are open for public to play golf.

Popular golf courses in Perth Australia

  1. The Cut Golf course voted Western Australia’s top golf course in 2008/09 has stunning vistas across the Indian Ocean. Really blessed to have such a beautiful golf course along the golf coast.  The Cut Golf Course is positioned by the famous coastal town of Mandurah, just an hour’s drive from Perth.
  2. Kennedy bay located only thirty minutes south of Perth along the Golf coast is The Links Kennedy Bay that has stunningly undulant and a true links course in the Irish and Scottish traditions. The mildly undulant Windsor Green fairways wind across sand dunes amongst western coastal grevillea, wattle, lilies and sedges.
  3. One of the jewels in Australia is Joondalup golf course. It is located around 35 minutes north of Perth. It has twenty seven holes including the Dunes 9, the Lakes 9 and Quarry 9.   One minute you are playing an approach shot under a 30-metre limestone rock, the next you are changing to the breezy ocean wind on an undulant links style fairway.
  4. Secret Harbor Golf Links located forty mins south of Perth is in the centre of the Golf coast. Encircled by incredible golf courses Secret harbor will not dissatisfy. Resting on the ocean secrets golf has several signature holes and is always in picturesque condition.  They even have few nice deals including lunch at their award winning provisions.
  5. Araluen resort is situated forty kms southeast of Perth City in the exclusively picturesque hills of Roleystone, few minutes from the famous Araluen Botanic Park. Located in what has often been termed as an “enthralled valley”, Araluen Golf Resort possesses a world class golf course encircled by natural Australian bushland occupied by plentiful natural environment and having breath-taking sights of Perth City and beyond.
  6. Meadow Springs opened in 1987, is located in the Golf coast in Mandurah. Meadow Springs Country Club and Golf course offers golf as nature envisioned. The course, planned by Robert Trent Jones Jnr., offers a highly considered test for players but is even well-known for its playability. Seven times The West Australian Open Tournament has been held at Meadow Springs.
  7. The Vines Golf located thirty minutes from Perth is constantly rated as one of Australia’s top golf resorts, The Novotel Country Club and Vines Resort boasts the best golf courses in Perth, WA, enclosed by natural bush with plentiful wildlife, lush trimmed gardens and the wonderful Swan Valley wine region.

Can I get rid of bunions?

running at sunset

In Africa bunions are seen as something that comes along and that no one has the power to change it. In that case, most of the people in this continent may not do much to correct it if at all they realize such abnormalities in the first place. According to researchers, bunions are thought to be caused by unequal distribution of body weight on the feet. In other words, you toe might be holding unnecessary weight which will eventually cause the growth of bunions as the bones will grow just to compensate for the excess weight created.

Can bunions be removed?

Bunions can be removed depending on whether they are causing serious health issue. In some case, bunions may bar movements and may deter one from wearing a certain type of shoe. However, if you feel like your bunion affect nothing as far as you normal functioning is concerned, then there is no need to remove it. Models may want to remove them surgically or by any other method just because they want a good shaped foot that will fit into any fashionable shoe. On the other hand, finances is also another factor which will determine if you will remove the bunion or not. If you are feel like you have enough resource to pay for minor surgeries, the well and good.

Simply changing shoes

One of the simplest way of getting rid of bunions is basically trying to restore the previous condition of your foot. In order to restore the previous condition, you will need to wear those shoes which ensured that your body weight were spread equally on your feet. For instance, if you were used to wearing soft, flat and comfortable shoes before, then you might want to go back to your old school just to see the bunions go away.

Foot massages and exercises

Feet therapies are also the best if you are thinking of doing away with bunions. This is the simplest way of doing away with them because you can even do it on your own at home. Foot massage is basically moving your palms over the surface where the bunion has developed. This involved pressing against the bunion gently as if you are trying to push it back to its original place. It will take sometimes for these remedies to work but all in all patients is required especially when bunions have developed over a very long period of time.